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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Turnstile- Nonstop Feeling LP review

Turnstile- Nonstop Feeling LP review
This brand new hardcore LP “Nonstop Feeling” is the biggest piece of fucking dogshit I’ve heard since the likes of Angel Du$t, NOFX, and Mischief Brew finagled their way into my poor, poor eardrums.  Hardcore that kind of sucked to begin with managed to somehow get even worse, incorporating annoying pop rhythms over boring mid-tempo riffs to create a monster no music fan should ever have to endure.  See, pop-country, electronic dance music, and classic rock are very specific kinds of shit, complete with their own branch of culture that attracts equally shitty people- these kinds of music target these types of people, and it is your fault if you willingly subject yourself to it.  It has a preconceived idea for what it might sound like- however, hardcore is different in that it is often in a state of transition, so there’s no finite definition for what hardcore truly is, save for a few key attributes in the music that are utterly lacking here.  If this is the future of hardcore, I’ll be happy to listen to bands that last two years, play underproduced shit-sounding minute-long songs with cliché topics that have beaten a horse dead enough times to murder every neigh-sayer on the ranch, put out a demo and an EP with a pressing of 300, play two or three out-of-town shows, and then break up.  If this is good hardcore, then I must listen to shit, and I could not be happier that I do.  I would rather watch a festival of 80s hardcore wash-ups acting like they’re still in their 20s butcher songs I grew up loving than ever have to listen to this god-awful pile of shit ever again.

-Gary Abusey