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Friday, December 4, 2015

Kriegs Legion- War Bastard LP review

Kriegs Legion- War Bastard LP review
This is real old school shit, crossover the way it was made before hardcore influenced it in the 90s.  Utilizing the two guitar sound in an almost Iron Maiden-esque way (that is, with the use of simultaneous harmonies and an individual sound for each guitar), it is the plentiful riffs that seem to drive these songs forward.  The drums are metronomic, damn near flawless; bass is bumpin’, following the high end of the riffs with a mirrored, low-sounding rhythm; the vocals are gruff, mid-pitch yells with all the youthful angst and nervousness boiled out in favor of a righteous urgency (given the lyrics, it makes more sense to be this way).  Lyrics cover a wide range of topics, most of ‘em related to the shrinking level of freedom the powers that be allow the common man, the proletariat of today.  Propaganda, bribe, coercion, or a violent end is what seems to be the accepted norm for combating oppositional individuality in this day and age, and Krieg’s Legion is unafraid to say it.
The layout of the insert for the record is smooth yet simple, the recording quality is clean but not spotless (as all metal and punk should be), and there’s some room left to headbang.  A fine piece of Motor City metal and/or punk.

-Aunty Social

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Iron Youth- 7" review

Iron Youth- 7” review
What if the singer from GLUE was really bent out of shape and the band was on Youth Attack?  Tortured, agitated, sludgy, driving, dirty hardcore that sounds like a bad day in the making.  Repeated words, repeated thoughts, angry sighs, Xanax bars chased by bottom shelf whiskey at 2 in the afternoon, My War’s shorter-songed cousin, trying to forget who you are or that you’re even alive… that, is this record.

-Aunty Social