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Monday, January 10, 2011

Molested Youth 7" review

Molested Youth 7” review

What’s in a name? A lot of things are in a name, primary among them meaning, whether intended or interpreted. Some names are coined to be remembered, others to provide to a person/ place/ thing, and some are coined to shock the senses of one’s moral values. For the latter, the first of these were the Dead Kennedys, a play on the then-frequent deaths of the sizeable family of political powerhouses. Next was Anal Cunt and Seth Putnam’s forceful jabs at the political correctness instituted by recent changes in social hierarachy (Women: Nature’s Punching Bag, Ha Ha Holocaust, Hitler Was a Sensitive Man, I Made Your Kid Get AIDS So You Could Watch It Die, among other titles that make the world cringe with laughter). Following this now is 80s hardcore band from Toronto with the name Molested Youth. Only a demented genius could come up with something so laughably insensitive, funny and thought-provoking all at the same time. Could the impossibly awesome name be held up to par by a six-song 7”?

Oh, indeed it could and did. The band pulls off both a familiar throwback sound and a relatively recent, unique sound, and they blend together seamlessly. The guitar is extremely raw, gritty and has a very jump-off-the-amp-and-rage sound to it; unexpectedly awesome, to say the least. The rhythm section is equally low-fi and speedy, managing to both blast out killer songs and bombastic, destructive breakdowns when called for. The singer, in all his hardcore rage, released his PTSD-laden stress through his youthful cries and raspy screams. Much like the “quiet time” for an adult, it comes to an end all too soon, albeit with a happy ending.

This Toronto quartet’s 7” is a ripper of a record. Keep an eye on these guys and the Toronto scene in general. You don’t want to miss this or anything else to arise from the city’s fruitful punk rock scene.

-Aunty Social

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