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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vivisuk ‘U.S. Disastwhore’ 7” review

Vivisuk ‘U.S. Disastwhore’ 7” review

Dual vocals were employed by many bands before anything remotely anarchist or crust was yet to arrive. The Beatles, the Clash and Stealer’s Wheel all used dual vocals in their music. However, Nausea and Aus-Rotten were the two primary bands to queue it up for use in punk rock, and with that, a different style in which to perform crust was born. One such band to use the alternating female-male vocals to their benefit was Vivisuk, a band I believe was from Lansing, Michigan. With this 7”, the band was to deliver some ripping crust and see if dual vocals could work out for them…

So much has been done with crust, but Vivisuk manages to growl out a relatively unique sound; raspy female vocals are few, far between, and usually sub-par, but this singer manages to actually be pretty decent. “M-72” is a track I had mistaken to be about the grenade launcher, and instead it is about getting plastered on a far-northern Michigan highway, where apparently so few people exist that drunken driving is not only possible, but easy. “Bullet in the Chamber” is a female-fronted rant of misanthropic inheritance, clearly displaying disgust towards a special someone. The song has no specific rhythm, a tool rarely used but is often effective when properly implemented; the idea of the antipathy of rhythm takes revolutionary values in music to an entirely different level. “A Much Darker Shape” is a slightly more rhythmic ripper crust tune that grinds pretty fucking hard. The other two tracks are not all that impressive or worth mentioning; it’s standard crusty, anti-rhythm punk noise, with nothing too terrific to set them apart, unlike the other three songs.

The 7” is pretty typical crusty anthem goodness, but those three songs are well-worth mentioning, and this record is worth purchasing if it can be found, and worth downloading if it can’t.

-Aunty Social

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  1. i have a few copys left if anyone wants them...
    i love that someone got M72.. I wrote the fuckin thing in a car thinkin i was gonna be killed drunk as shit.... goin to get another spacebag of course.... cheers friends!