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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Krieg's Legion- demo review

Krieg’s Legion- demo review
One of the most old-school fusions of punk and metal I’ve heard in quite some time; this could have been a Plasmatics outtake minus Wendy O. on vocals or the Crumbsuckers on a 33- it’s familiar, but doesn’t sound quite like any other band one could readily identify.  It’s a mid-paced metal/punk rock fusion straight out of the late 70s, from the proto-hardcore sound to the indirect yet unabashed anti-authoritarian stance in their lyrics.  Also, in atypical fashion of bands from that era of music, this crew has two guitars and a distinct sound on one of them being a lead, making them only more interesting.  Though this is a very rough demo and some good engineering treatment would benefit the band, this is gnarly as fuck, especially for a first demo.  Check them out wherever AARP members apply.

-Aunty Social

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