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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The A-Gang self-titled CD review

There are some who believe that all punk rock is violent and angry, despite the fact that a good portion of punk rock is happy or exhales frustration and not anger. However, there are bands that still exist that make you angry, make you burn with rage, make you want to just wake up and destroy everything. The A-Gang is one of these bands. Their first record will send you over the edge and kick you downwards into a sea of true fury that knows no depth.
“Your Best Interest” kicks off the album with some furious, clear yelling by singer Ben Wixson. The song truly unleashes the frustration and despair of being poor and how the powers that be conspire to keep things this way. “Live on Fire” is a straight-up energetic tune that just fucking rocks. No more needs to be said. “Shotgun” is a good track, keeping the flow of emotional distress going. “Kill the Routine” pushes the moving locomotive even faster, exhaling the hatred of sameness and predictability, a feeling that anyone, even non-punk fans can discern. “Gods and Bombs” is the sing-a-long track of this album, and rightfully so. It’s catchy and does not give up a pint of rage to achieve it. “Here’s To You” is a love letter of a song filled with the anger anyone should feel at the world. Finally, the track “That Sinking Feeling” is absolutely groundbreaking. This is one of very few songs the feeds the burning rage into you, makes you pick up a baseball bat and just unleash all the fucking fury the world deserves inflicted on it. A spectacular release, The A-Gang is a CD for everyone who has been angry at some point in their lifetime.
-Aunty Social

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