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Saturday, June 5, 2010

U.D.I. self-titled LP review

What if the Accused, instead of being born in Seattle, was born in a dirty Detroit trailer park? More than likely, someone like Unidentified Drunken Injury would form. While they both play amphetamine-fueled thrashing hardcore, the similarities between those two bands end there; I have never heard a band sound quite like U.D.I. does on this LP.
In many ways, U.D.I. is very unique. I have not heard a band play this fast and this efficiently in a very long time, and I have not heard a vocalist sound quite like Mike Ratt does, ever. He sounds like what a demonic, possessed child on cocaine would sound like. Most notably, I have never heard a band that made me want to drink, skateboard and consume massive quantities of speed simultaneously. U.D.I. does all of that in the short span of eighteen minutes.
Ratt’s nihilistic babbling is probably the most memorable part of this album, because it’s so fast, yet the message is so clear. The guitar is a sonic assault on the ears; it’s fast enough, loud enough, and I fuckin’ love it. The bass and drums are fueled only by anger and alcohol, yet they manage to rip like a bassist and drummer should. In any other city, the sheer ferocity of the album would likely be misplaced, but in a fucked-up metropolis like Detroit, U.D. I. is right at home. No one plays music like this; buy this album from Spider Cuddler Records and experience this septic thrash for yourself!
-Aunty Social

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