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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Correction- demo tape review

Correction- demo tape review
This hits hard from start to finish- burly, fast, gruff straight edge hardcore punk from France.  This has both fast and slow parts, no weak parts or B-sides or anything to suggest that it is anything short of stellar.  Lyrics are straight to the point, vocals gruff grunts of boiling rage, the bass is very distinct and plays a large role in the band’s sound, the drums thump away, never to miss a beat, and the guitar seems tuned down a step or two, but not notably so, at least in the mix.  The hardest song on this tape is the self-titled one, but regardless, this is as close to a flawless demo as one can get for modern hardcore punk, all songs included.  If you can, grab this ASAP.
-Aunty Social

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