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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Payload of Atomic Warhead Nightmares- demo tape review

Payload of Atomic Warhead Nightmares- demo tape review
Feedback-laced, noise-drenched, d-beat drum beat filled punk rock.  Walking the line between homage-paying and creating unique sounds, P.A.W.N.’s sound is akin to the likes of Assrash, State of Fear, Disclose, and Confuse, but doesn’t blatantly rip off the music created by these bands.  The lyrics are what one might expect given the name of this band:  Nuclear holocaust, ruins of the aftermath of said occurrence, the ignorance of politicians and those who put them into office, etc.  You’ve heard this time and again, but it never ceases to be fun and at least somewhat informative.
-Aunty Social

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