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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Worshit- Blessed USA Tour 2012 promo tape review

Worshit- Blessed USA Tour 2012 promo tape review
High-pitched yet gruff vocals by a Russian singer fronting a Russian band, sounding snotty as ever; for them, the 80s never ended, and what a glorious racket they make with their Eastern interpretation of 80s hardcore sounds (the last song is a Minor Threat cover, and one not commonly covered at that).  It’s nothing unique, but the fact that it came from fucking Russia and that it features such fucking weird and awesome artwork is more than enough to catch my attention.  This is a little treasure trove of hardcore that would otherwise have been lost to time and tight information flow control.  A fantastic little find indeed- check it out, as John Brannon might say.
-Aunty Social

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