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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Left of the Dial- Idly By 12" review

Left of the Dial- Idly By 12” review
Admittedly, this is not my kind of music; usually, pop punk and melodic hardcore don’t much appeal to me.  However, given this prologue and word of warning, I shall proceed.
The songs are punny and alliterative, complete with nasally and higher-pitched croons and clean, clear, crisp sounds behind it.  The guitar work is pretty standard, not tremendous nor terrible, the bass blends in to the guitar quite well, and the drums are audible, not drowned out by any of the other audio tracks.  The songs didn’t really elicit any large emotional response from me, but I didn’t feel like tearing my ears off while listening to this.  For a genre of music I don’t like, that tells me that this is a good record.  For the pop punkers and the hardcore kids who aren’t afraid to cry.

-Aunty Social

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