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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Skaven- Discography review

Skaven- Discography review
Crusty west coast sludge dirtier than almost anything of its time, Skaven’s small but sinister discography is a precursor to the American crust bands of the modern era.  Raspy, somewhat discernible vocals, clear but still animalistic in energy, were not a common vocal type, but went on to be used fairly frequently.  The guitars, though dirty and tuned down to emphasize heaviness, still possess enough drive to be “punk”, although this would not succinctly describe Skaven’s sound to any but the most unfamiliar of individuals.  The bass is blended into the overall guitar sound well, but there does remain some distinction between them, the former having a very punchy sound.  The drums, though the driving force of the overall sound, are not set in their speed, speeding up and slowing down all over the songs.  The overall mix is excellent; everything is distinct, clear, well-blended, and alters as is appropriate for the atmosphere of the sound.  This is also a mix of the dirty punk and metal primitivism and the unending artsy and melodic complicated-ness, as hardly any bands had done before this.  The lyrics are much the same- at times primitive, other times artsy, and often mixed together.  Too bad this band only lasted for a couple of years- these songs rip and could have evolved only further.  If nothing else, this reminds me slightly of the evolution of His Hero Is Gone into Tragedy.

-Aunty Social

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