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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Angel Du$t- A.D. LP review

Angel Du$t- A.D. LP review
I tried liking pop punk once- the Descendents’ ‘Milo Goes To College’ is an awesome record.  Some of their later material isn’t bad.  Hell, even some of the best punk music has its roots in catchy bubblegum pop, some of these songs are even love songs.  The potential does exist for catchy punk/hardcore music that isn’t necessarily rough-and-tough all the time (though that is the best kind).  This record, and this band, is not that.  The singer’s voice is vexing- it’s melodic, sure, but it sounds strained, unnatural, forced, like something that doesn’t fit.  The music is far from catchy or enchanting- think Cro-Mags’ ‘Revenge’ B-sides or the Buzzcocks on a fucking shitty and awful day where they play their instruments too hard and too fast just so that they can get the set over with and leave.  Even if this music is innovative and unique, it is truly god-awful.  Buy this for someone that you’re fake friends with as a gift so they know how you really feel about them, that you paid good money and wasted valuable time in order to subject them to this swill.  That would be one cold dish of revenge.

-Gary Abusey

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