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Monday, September 7, 2015

Humanerror/Snakes split tape review

Humanerror/Snakes split tape review
Two bands with their respective brand of heavy, dark hardcore manage to complement one another here, almost a necessity for a split.
Humanerror is a chug-friendly band that also uses powerviolence-y drum beats while sludging away on the guitar and bass, not terribly far off from Eyehategod.  The two tracks they offer are no doubt the better two here, though it’s admittedly difficult to best the band from Texas who has been around for six years.  Still, the two tracks Snakes have are no slouches- they’re dirty and grindy but still possess some clarity.  The Nails-worship HM2 sound is absolutely present, but it doesn’t sound like leftovers, it is a sound unto itself that mixes hardcore and metal in the dirtiest of ways, the way it was meant to be, the way Cleveland bands from the late 80s and New York bands from the early 90s intended it to be.  Homage-paying and still an independent force.  A good blend.

-Aunty Social

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