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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Beautiful Ones- Jaded Love LP review

The Beautiful Ones- Jaded Love LP review
This is one of the strangest mixes of music I have ever heard.  If nothing else, this is, without a doubt, unique.
If there were three bands one could associate with this group, they would most likely be Type O Negative, Biohazard, and Twitching Tongues.  This mixes the mid-90s New York hardcore/metalcore sound with the heavy, crunching riffs and steady rhythms and the tuneful, love-boasting deep voice reminiscent of an anxious, throaty, teenage Morrissey.  This has got some groovy beats, and has the benefit of actually fitting as a full LP and not just a large collection of songs on a slab of twelve inches of wax.  The breakdowns on this record are some danceable/2-step-able ones for sure, even if the ambient rhythms mixed in between them make one go, “What the hell?” some of the time.  Last song has the hardest line I’ve heard in a while “At least we all die alone”- a nice conclusion to a record about love.  I admit that this isn’t really my kind of thing, but this is definitely worth a listen- it is not time wasted.

-Aunty Social

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