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Friday, July 24, 2015

Welcome to 2013 compilation LP review

Welcome to 2013 compilation LP review
The packaging and the zine that comes with this record are excellent, as per normal with Not Normal.  Detailed, artistic, captivating, everything a compilation should be.
The two tracks Basque Country band Hondartzako Hondakinak offer are pure chaos, unfocused hardcore punk with a lacking sense of rhythm- I’m not complaining.  Cülo is as they always are- pure nihilistic snot without a bass or regard for common existence of man; it is mutant, through and through.  Adjustment to Society is one of my favorite PNW hardcore punk bands with some of the hardest-hitting, brutally honest lyrics I’ve read to date.  They’re no longer a band now, but I can’t say enough good things about them anyways.  I am at a loss for words on what to say about Big Crux’s track.  Ooze had me confused at first as well, but eventually I did realize that it’s a shell of weirdness with a thrashy punk center filling.  Haute Couture’s track is a straight-up Bad Brains-worship intro conjoined with some gnarly d-beat, quite good.  Inservibles has two tracks of noisy raw punk, adequate at what it is but just a little too unpolished for my taste.  Tenement… I really tried to get into this band, but honestly, I hate this track, through and through.  I’m sure it’s decent indie rock music, but I really fucking hate indie rock music.
Side two brought Negative Degree first- nervous fits of rage-filled 80s hardcore punk, 100% piss and vinegar.  Brown Sugar’s track is another minute-long blast of funky weirdness, but it has a drive to it.  Porkeria is a band that sound as though Los Crudos listened to a lot of classic 80s hardcore (even though they probably already did).  The Spanish-speaking nations seem to make some badass hardcore; not sure if there’s a correlation between the two, but it doesn’t matter, because no matter who made it, these tracks rip.  NASA Space Universe- a strange mix of noise punk and the drearier side of Chaos UK songs; I wasn’t into it.  Good Throb- whoa, what a band.  They are as if X-Ray Spex were angrier and funnier, and given how insightful Poly Styrene was (RIP), this is saying something.  Catchy, biting, driving- everything punk should ever be in two tracks.  Bored Straight has ripped for a while, but these two songs are a step above, yet still fit with the rough and weird mix of punk tracks on this compilation.  They are a modern Midwestern version of The Neos.  Broken Prayer is a halfway decent Chicago group, playing some post punk/industrial punk- unique, though this track is not a particularly standout one for this band.  Closing out this undoubtedly weird record is Thee Nodes, who blast some heavily-drenched-in-reverb noise punk, probably best experienced under the influence of hallucinogens.  Spacey as fuck, no doubt.
I can highly recommend half the bands on this, the rest are honestly too weird for me.  If you like super weird, you might dig it, but I thrive on rhythm and a mild resemblance of normality, so do with that what you will.

-Aunty Social

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