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Monday, July 6, 2015

Crazy But Not Insane zine Issue #2 review

Crazy But Not Insane zine Issue #2 review
I must say, I really do hate Chicago.  I think it goes deeper than a sports rivalry, because I don’t hate Colorado, Wisconsin, or Cleveland at all.  But Chicago, much as I like some of the bands from there, I simply cannot bring myself to not despise it.  However, much as I do hold a negative vibe towards this city and the mentality it has, I found this ‘zine from that area to be quite the good read.
The interview with Tom of Violent Reaction is quite humbling; engaging and relatable, the way I like my journalism.  The show reviews are different; the fact that Gag did THREE shows in Chicago and not a damn one in Michigan is befuddling, but I suppose good friends are where you find them.  These are some radically different crowds of people, a different brand of weirdoes than I’m used to or will ever be used to, I feel; still, the faithful few cannot be disregarded, for they are a crazy bunch.  Fewer iPhones in 2014 should be a goal for us all- technology has not been a kind invention to grease the social pipelines that have become all but clogged with awkwardness and self-preclusion.
The Toronto scene report is quite accurate and informative; the bands mentioned are all pretty good, even though Column of Heaven has sadly fallen out of favor with me now.  Short, detailed, and to the point, all I can ask for out of a scene report.  The playlist, like any other (including ones I pick out myself) is a mix of good and bad- I genuinely do not like Tom Petty, the Grease soundtrack, Blood For Blood, or the Pixies.
The photos are excellent, though I think they may benefit from an increased level of contrast (i.e. less black background, it makes the photos difficult to see).  Good work for a dying art, I had a good read with this.
The one-page zine for Issue 1¼ was a great, if not a bit sad, read.  It was only sad because I don’t really have the social energy to do this shit with others.  Still, this zine makes an excellent point, in that road trips are one of the most fun parts of hardcore.  Do it up, as you kids like to say.  As for the Not Dead Yet issue, I like it, but it brings me to wonder the most strange of questions:  Why is everyone so obsessed with people who wear fedoras?  I don’t give a shit, but is there some reason this shit matters?  Wear a mariachi hat, a Gilligan’s Island hat, a trucker hat, who gives a shit?  It’s only for covering up your inevitably god-awful haircuts anyways.  N.D.Y. is a fantastic festival, hopefully I am able to find my way there some day.

-Aunty Social

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