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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Plain Dealers- Get What You Get 12" review

The Plain Dealers- Get What You Get 12” review
With a careful mix of Jabbers-era G.G. Allin, the Dead Boys, and the Sex Pistols, the Plain Dealers play some of the catchiest music I’ve heard to date, and still manage to sound original without it seeming contrived.  This record had me singing along to the words in no time, and relating to them shortly thereafter.  The mix on this record is just fantastic- everything is audible, none of it overbearing; I don’t think there is one error in the audio mix here.  The nascent voice is a piercing sneer that rings in one’s ear for hours- classic.  The guitars, bass, and drums mesh together to create an impeccable rhythm that drives the vocals along as the singer croons about scum-city living- much as Detroit is known for that sort of thing, Cleveland is also an arbiter of dirty, depraved life, and I could not be more glad that it is, because it is cities like that which inspire people to create music like this.  One of the best classic-sounding punk records I’ve ever heard, and that includes the classics.

-Aunty Social

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