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Monday, July 20, 2015

Dead Church/Faction Disaster split 7" review

Dead Church/Faction Disaster- split 7” review
On the Dead Church side, it’s grindcore with all the cacophony and on-point drumming, powerviolence with all the invective lyrics and killer riffs; these tracks are some real headbangers, with a gnarly guitar sound, although I do feel the drums get a little drowned out.  I appreciate the seriousness with which these guys takes themselves, and this is a good set of songs to get violent to.
On the Faction Disaster side, although I like the drumming and the funny as fuck sound clip, I do not like this style of grindcore- I can’t understand any of the words and the guitar is more feedback than riffage or rhythm.  I’ll admit that music like this is great for getting people to leave the room and stay away from you, but I doubt I’d get into it otherwise.

-Aunty Social

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