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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rebel Spies- Before I Die I Shall Destroy... 7" review

Rebel Spies- Before I Die I Shall Destroy… 7” review
Energetic punk rock with a huge dose of sing-a-long melody a la 7 Seconds, early Gorilla Biscuits, any number of Chicago bands, and a very late-era of Minor Threat or Dag Nasty- it mixes Chicago and D.C. sounds with Detroit.  They even sneak in a SICK breakdown in the middle of “What Have I Done”, showing that they are capable of true grit, but prefer the calming, euphonic energy of melody rather than the cacophonous, repetitious sound of rhythm.  It’s quite catchy and fun, but it took me a few listens before I realized this.  I appreciate the different approach the Rebel Spies take, good shit.

-Aunty Social

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