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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Concrete Asylum- Concrete Asylum 7" review

Concrete Asylum- Concrete Asylum 7” review
Late-80s UKHC meets noisy Jap-core, be that Gauze or Disclose or anyone else.  The guitar and drums are so loud they almost drown out the bass entirely and the vocals sound like a guy screaming as loud as he can from about 200 feet away- faint, but audible.  This EP walks the line between noise punk and demo-quality thrash punk that falls just short of powerviolence.  I fucking love the cover art and the layout of this record- it’s detailed, yet punk as fuck, not an easy effort to attain.  However, I might need a couple tall boys of Steel Reserve to be able to fully rage to this band.  Not bad, but not my kind of noise- still, room exists to evolve.

-Aunty Social

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