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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Spider Sisters zine Issue #1 review

Spider Sisters zine Issue #1 review
Now this was a fine read, or view, as the case may be.  The pictures, while not professional grade, are candid shots of bands and people at shows on the east coast, being much more “in the moment” and from a showgoer’s perspective rather than a photographer’s or stage hand’s perspective.  The bands covered are also quite good- Knife Creep, Stoic Violence, among others in the DIY circuit right now.  The layout background has a psychosexual subtext that, while strange, is fitting for a zine such as this.  It’s short and simple, but make no mistake, it’s a good read, though I would also like to read some short snippets of what was notable at these shows, if anything.  Our naked moshers, shit-talking, chain-swinging, and chandelier-grabbing need documentation, too.

-Aunty Social

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