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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Plain Dealers- Terminal Darkness 45 review

The Plain Dealers- Terminal Darkness b/w Die With Me 45 review
I wasn’t a fan of this 45 at first, but I did come around to it eventually; the A-side is a decent first effort, although it takes a minute to kick into gear.  The narrative is interesting, though the B-side is a better musical expression of this.  The bleak, dark tone of the lyrics is contrasted by the simplistic driving chords of the guitar and the bouncing bass lines that ring of a punk rock sound from happier times- still, it manages to work.  “Die With Me” is a bit more fitting in terms of blending the sounds and the words- both are equally bleak, and more driving than the A-side.  For an initial effort, thumbs up.

-Aunty Social

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