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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Congenital Death- From My Hands 7" review

Congenital Death- From My Hands 7” review
Short, sharp, and sinister, this EP is a crafty blend of powerviolence and hardcore carried forth by a shrill voice and a fast, off-kilter drum beat.  The lyrics, while nonspecific and indirect, still hit pretty hard, just as much as the intense music pouring from both sides of the stereo.  I have been listening to this semi-regularly since it came out, with no sign of stopping.  It hits that careful blend of unique and familiar that many punk and hardcore bands strive to hit but do not.  Some of Philly’s finest here, folks.  This would be an ideal opener for This Is Hardcore, because Congenital Death does for speed and energy what hardcore bands do in slow and heavy.

-Aunty Social

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