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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Amoebas- Gimme A Fix b/w No Emotion 45 review

The Amoebas ‘Gimme a Fix’ b/w ‘No Emotion’ 7” review

Garage punk didn’t die with Teengenerate, at least permanently. The Amoebas, with their first release, are the spearheads to bring it back in style. It’s only two songs long, and although that’s far too short for me, these are two of the best, most fun, sing-able songs I’ve heard in a very, very long time.

The track “Gimme A Fix” is a tune about doing drugs, even kinds you’ve never heard of; not an original idea, but very original in sound. Singer/guitarist Brian May’s voice is something I can’t compare anything to. It’s not like Iggy Pop, it’s not like Johnny Rotten, only a little like Stiv Bators, and it’s just fucking cool. It’s also worth noting that this song is very danceable. This is a song you do want to get stuck in your head. Just fucking mind-blowing. The second track, “No Emotion”, is about sociopaths, and it too is a danceable tune to “put your hands in the air” for. If Travis Bickle had theme music, this is the primary song on his soundtrack. As a genuine appreciator of psychopathology and sociopathy, this song was cool enough. The song itself is a garage masterpiece, and a punk piece of gold. It’s short, but the goodness of an LP is crammed into these two songs. Goddamn it, this is good shit.

From Gimme Gimme Records, this 45 is worth its weight in gold, so to speak. These are two of the best tunes I’ve heard off of a 45 in an extraordinarily long time. This piece of plastic, if you can find it, is well worth whatever you paid for it. Get this 45 and get it now.

-Aunty Social

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