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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Live to Kill- 4 Track Attack tape review

Live to Kill “4-Track Attack” cassette review

This recording is, by far, the most unequivocally raw recording I’ve ever heard comprised. This mix of crusty, grinding thrash possesses a lot of rage and political disgust. However, the band may have benefitted from a more refined, cleaner sound. This is not to say the songs are shit (I’ll get to my opinion of them in the next paragraph), but there is indeed a reason this is called “4-Track Attack”. A cleaner re-recording of these songs would undoubtedly help this strong band receive more positive attention from fans and critics alike.

The first song, “The Human Condition”, is a speedy, lengthy burst of fury with a heavy, hopeless cry for help by means of a unique guitar riff that was rather memorable. The next tracks kicked the speed up and threw the proverbial gloves off, attacking with more raw fury. Live to Kill specializes in grinding crust with high-pitched shrieks that are actually decipherable; this is where they stand apart from over-the-top crust and lifeless grind. The third and fourth tracks carry the torch only further, pushing for a very lo-fi, low bass, screeching sound that pushes further towards thrash than crust, and this approach only gives the band more of a demographic and a better sound. Rounding out the tape is a cover of Aus Rotten’s “They Ignore Peaceful Protest”, a crusty track that fits the band well, albeit the track is not Aus Rotten’s best or most coverable (Fuck Nazi Sympathy and Perverted Patriotism are my personal favorites). The band does the song justice as the session runs out as the tape continues.

For raw, thrashy crust punk, this tape is worth a listen. The band could, however, benefit from a re-recording of these tracks to bring a more leveled, stronger, and deeper sound to this music. The tracks are not worth overlooking and the best possible justice deserves to be done to them.

-Aunty Social

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