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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Accused- Curse of Martha Splatterhead review

The Accused- The Curse of Martha Splatterhead review

The future of the Accused was essentially halted when vocalist Blaine quit; he’d been the voice of the band since 1984, and now, his shrieking demonic voice had been silenced in favor of a new singer, Brad. After years of practicing and a general hiatus/ break-up, the band got together and recorded this album. Was it going to live up to Blaine’s Accused?

In all truth, it is on par with Blaine’s early 90s Accused, but not his 80s thrash greatness. While enjoyable, the songs don’t have quite the catchy hook and power they did with ‘Grinning Like an Undertaker’ or ‘Fucking for Bucks’. Still, this is a good thrash album regardless to the previous outputs managed by the band. The songs rage, screaming of the undead, Martha Splatterhead, hellbound fiends, and everything in between. The guitars pound the pavement still, pushing the speed to the levels reached in years past. The rhythm section rips rather rhythmically, a modern-day Charlie Benante and Dan Lilker. The singer, while not quite as good as Blaine, still screeches better than any metal singer from a 1993 origin onward. Brad is not the best, but he is an absolutely suitable replacement.

I recommend the album; it’s not a shit-your-pants type of release, but I’ve listened to it more than two times and I’m still not sick of it. They’re doing something right. Thrash ain’t dead; those who speak as such, watch where you tread.

-Aunty Social

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