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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ghetto Blaster- EP review

Ghetto Blaster- EP review

Ska: A genre inhabited of 85% high school and college students with more free time than they know what to do with, and 15% musicians who happen to like the genre. Ska is a little overdone as a third wave movement, but fusion is the future for ska; this brings me to the second genre: Hip hop. Once populated by oppressed black youth with rhythm and poets of the most delicate prose, it is now held down by hipster swine and the very occasional rhyme master who values music over money. Is essence, rap is commercialized, industrially profitable hip hop. Alone, these two genres are mere bastards of their former selves; together, they’re a furious, fervent, fun mix that really engrains the oncoming fourth wave of ska.

The general vibe of the EP is very radical leftist, sort of crew-like feeling, notably touched on in the song ‘GBC’, short for “Ghetto Blaster Crew”. At times, the EP shifts to a more upbeat hip-hop ska kind of feel, instead of a Choking Victim-lite. ‘Get Drunk’ is one of those tunes. What is meant by “Choking Victim-lite”? The feeling is less ominous and hopeless, but still manages to speak of radicalism. The vocals are a mix of raspy, Rollins-like singing and classic emcee rapping or beatboxing. The guitars are downtuned, minor-chord ska-punk with very heavily accented offbeats. Lastly, the rhythm section just keeps the beat, allowing the guitars and singing to speak as the primary communicator.

This record, this 8-song EP, this is the future for ska Two simultaneous kinds of radical, download this protégé of fourth wave ska.

-Aunty Social

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