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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Coke Bust- Confined LP review

Coke Bust- Confined LP review
What else have you come to expect out of Coke Bust other than the most stellar hardcore punk this side of the Atlantic?  They are known for their steady, excellent output of multiple short, fast songs- here’s nine more to add to that.  Sociopolitical/cultural/personal lyrics over top of some rapid drumbeats and fucking crushing riffs (Neutralized will make you mosh no matter who or where you are) delivered with spot on production and precise playing from four highly dedicated individuals in the hardcore punk scene (they don’t just play D.C.- they play all over; in fact, as of June 2015, they’re going to Japan, and have been all over the continental U.S., Europe, South America, and probably Canada and Mexico to boot).  This band is what all bands should aspire to be in terms of dedication and influences, one of which is a personal twist that makes your band your band.  I expected nothing less and received nothing less.

-Aunty Social

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