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Monday, November 2, 2015

Prohibition- Demo 2015 review

Prohibition- Demo 2015 review
This is a decent demo- what one might expect is certainly delivered.  There a tinge of New Breed era NYHC, Keep Deep In Shit, the Reaper Records sound, and modern youth crew.  Take the cheesiness of Bold, the sounds of Disengage, and the singer of Plagued With Rage (or any skramz singer, take your pick), and you have Prohibition.  Beefy power chords, a steady stream of bass lines, pounding drums, and a set of vocals that are akin to Freddy Cricien fronting Agnostic Front in the late 80s- it sounds like your little brother who watches your band got up on stage and started singing.  Not bad, but it could be better.  As for the lyrics, let’s just say this IS a demo, and it’s all up from here.  Think early-era Madball, and how basic and simple those lyrics are- this is pretty much on that level.  Instrumentally on point, at least tone-wise (songs are okay- neither great nor terrible), weird but decent vocals, and lyrics that make you glad you aren’t fourteen anymore.

-Aunty Social

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