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Monday, November 30, 2015

Tear Off//Clean Up/Don't Get Bored split tape review

Tear Off//Clean Up/Don’t Get Bored split tape review
Tear Off//Clean Up’s melodic punk has a non-straight edge 7 Seconds vibe to it- very sing-songy, but with some energy behind the instruments.  These guys should be the band that gets the beer drinkin’ beardos energized to see bands at Riot Fest, in a good way.  Melodic and energetic in a way that says “You can mosh but you don’t have to”.  I see fist pumps being more favorable here.
Don’t Get Bored is the kind of band that would fit perfectly in 1980s Midwest nowhere/anywhere.  Snotty, contemptible, and juvenile, yet full of energy and honest, ya gotta love it.  Sonically, it could fit in next to something like Pure Disgust, but the band taken as a whole definitely is a thing in itself.

-Aunty Social

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