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Saturday, November 28, 2015

No/Breaks- No/Breaks demo review

No/Breaks- No/Breaks demo review
This is hill-bombing, Natty Ice-guzzling, Kools-smoking, J-rolling hardcore punk straight out of the 1980s, in spirit if not in reality.  This is the kind of demo tape you buy at the age of 17 and just listen to over and over and over again.  What this lacks in tunefulness and snappy catchiness, it more than makes up for in simplicity and pure energy.  Much like Pokemon or the first two Terminator movies, the replay value on this is about as high as one can get.  That is, unless you’re Snoop Dogg or Sublime, and then you’re probably not all that into hardcore punk.  High or not, this is the music of the bored, anxious, misanthropic Midwesterners with attitude problems and crappy jobs they don’t like.  Just how we like it.

-Aunty Social

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