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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dead in the Dirt- The Blind Hole LP review

Dead In The Dirt- The Blind Hole LP review
This manages to be heavy, fast, artsy, and thought-provoking, all in one.  And all this, coming from a grindcore band.  That’s right, the genre known for non-sequitors, an uncanny emphasis on drugs and political incorrectness, tunelessness, and generally being uncompromisingly stupid, managed to churn out something THIS good.  Heavy riffs, blastbeats, social critiques, oh my!
The guttural and shrieking vocals going back and forth is one trait of grindcore that the band kept, but the rest almost seems like it’s too good to be called grindcore.  Some songs clock in well under a minute, while others are almost three minutes, and the nigh-sludgy riffs are what keep one’s interest peaked.  Downright crushing!

-Aunty Social

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