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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Detain- State of Emergency 7" review

Detain- State of Emergency 7” review
Simple knuckle-dragging hardcore with riffs for days; take Madball, mix it up with modern hardcore/metalcore, and you’ve got Detain.  Mid-tempo heavy beat, gruff vocals, simple lyrics, well-recorded; everything about this EP screams simple- music for lifting weights, drinking heavily, fighting (although it isn’t as good as Neanderthal’s Fighting Music), fucking (if you can find a mutant willing to do so), or taking out your anger on a bad day.  Make no mistake, Detain is among the best at what they do- if you want to sweat in any way, Detain is for you.  Just bear in mind that it resonates much more with the id rather than the ego or superego.  It’s nothing new, just something good.

-Aunty Social

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