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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

P.A.W.N.- Summer 2014 tape review

Payload of Atomic Warhead Nightmares- Summer 2014 tape review
Sounds like a d-beat raw punk band with a bit of an evolution in proficiency (in song-writing, sound quality, tone, almost everything).  Aside from the bass being almost inaudible, everything is a step up from the last tape.  Two old songs, three new ones, and a new singer make for an evolved group, though they have many more steps to climb as well.  The sound is improved, but the band would greatly benefit with a more controlled guitar sound, turning up the volume on the bass, and an increase in the sound of the cymbals.  That would do the band justice, no doubt.  The lyrics are some of the usual anti-war/anti-system stuff you’ve come to expect of bands employing exclusively black and white imagery.  Still relevant to our world situation, however.  The name of the band is a friggin’ mouthful, but they still have the potential to go places.  Who’s got the 10 ½?

-Aunty Social

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