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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ratstab- Noise War tape review

Ratstab- Noise War tape review
D-beat raw punk with a bit of a snotty Germs-ish singer.  Everything sounds so blown out, even the bass (which is the best sounding instrument in this band), and it makes this difficult to listen to- nothing is distinct or even sounds like it was tracked separately.  If it was, they did a hell of a job blending it together to create a wall-of-sound aura with a screaming idiot (as all punk singers are) over top it all.  It is indeed noisy- it’s very stripped down and simple, not great not bad.  It’s your friend’s band who is not your ideal opening group at a show, but they’re always available, reliable, polite, and supportive.  Maybe that’s what a scene is supposed to consist of, even if the bands aren’t great.  This is still better than a band who virulently rips off ONLY Hatebreed and Madball and hollers at the crowd “Why don’t you fucking pussies mosh!?”

-Aunty Social

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