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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Discourse- Curse of Consciousness EP review

Discourse- Curse of Consciousness 7” review
This is pure 90s hardcore with heavy, crunchy riffs, a bass mixed in well, crisp/clear drums, and a hoarse voice wreathing out some harsh lyrics that keep you thinking.  Groovy and moshable as it is, it is a thinking man’s hardcore 7”.  The theory of the curse of consciousness is fascinating- once you are inundated with the awareness of what our world is, it’s impossible to forget it.  It is a gift to be given this knowledge, because nothing is more important than the truth, but too, the truth will weigh on you.  All the comforts of ignorance cannot unseat you from the throne of the truth, and this band is able to condense that feeling and transform it into an auditory format.  Excellent.

-Aunty Social

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