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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Sayin'- Do Something EP review

Just Sayin’- Do Something EP review
Two-stepping, gang vocaling, hardcore-sounding youth crew tunes, this sounds like a more negative version of contemporary youth crew bands, ringing heavily of Cleveland’s Search Bloc and a more refined, more NYHC style of the Neos’ 80s hardcore jams.  If this was on the east coast, everyone would know about and love this band.  However, being from Texas, they are unfortunately not quite as well known.  Think if United Youth in about six or seven years became Disillusioned Youth (dibs on that band name in the future)- same sort of sound, but with more grit and not quite as cookie-cutter (although this is not exactly original stuff, it’s got the same quality Face Reality has about their  approach to youth crew, and original or not, I dig it).  Crucial music, though not an absolutely crucial release- worth buying a tape, though.  It would also be cool to see them on a split or compilation 7”.
-Aunty Social

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