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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

School Jerks- s/t LP review

School Jerks- s/t LP review
The record starts off with a sick guitar riff and beat backed by mishmashes of indiscernible voices, and that intro kicks into the record, a collection of very short, snotty, almost spazzy hardcore punk songs that go in and out of focus.  Almost totally lifted from the classic 80s hardcore sound (yes, these boys do lift), this is a band that manages to pay homage to the past and still be contemporary.  The instrumentation is beyond part for the course- drums are thundering and steady as can be, guitars almost quietly dark but quick-moving, and bass humming quietly as vocals are spit out with an intentionally absent-minded snot and untimely venom.  This is definitely weird music for weird people, made by equally weird musicians.  If one wants classic 80s hardcore simple yet energetic punk rock that’s fun and misanthropic in a general and indirect way, this is the way to go.
-Aunty Social

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