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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Ropes- s/t EP review

The Ropes- s/t EP review
This is a lightning fast old-school hardcore punk EP.  Lyrics are pretty simple, but still manage to get the mind rolling; it’s a mixture of introspection and good old self-loathing (or loathing in general).  “Valium Cocoon” and “Heads Will Roll” are the two best tracks, but all the songs on here are rough, aggressive, dark hardcore punk where one can’t go wrong.  The vocal style is almost unique, being gruff and low-pitch, but not brutal- it’s delivered at a punk rock pace, and it’s still uncompromising enough to make one want to fight somebody, at least verbally if not physically.  This is very simple music, but it is deeper than the surface value, if one wishes to look deeper at it.  If not, this is still stellar 80s hardcore punk- loud and angry, but not so much young and snotty.
-Aunty Social

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