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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nails- Unsilent Death 12" review

Nails- Unsilent Death 12” review
I’m a little late to the party on this one, but this record required a review.  This is quite possibly the angriest band I’ve ever heard- powerviolence, grindcore, death metal, punk, hardcore, all rolled into one ball of dough to create one absolutely delicious cookie, baked with chips of anger and hate, the dough crafted from pummeling energy and a short list of other ingredients for a recipe to make “fucking angry”.  Though they are what one could call a ‘hyped’ band, this is one of the rare bands deserving it.  The only appropriate way to listen to this album is after a month off medication, a week alone, and a baseball bat all to one’s self.  This is vandalizing music- property should be destroyed to this record- alternatively, if one can locate a known rapist, child molester, or Nazi skinhead, this also makes for fine music to have at a boot party.  This is what happens when heavy, angry, pissed-off hardcore bands get good production and still sound just as angry, if not moreso, than their lower-echelon contemporaries.  This group deserves whatever praise they can get, even if a douchebag football player you hated in high school discovers these guys and starts rocking their hoodies.  Instinctual music for both simple and complicated people- this record won’t ever let you down.
-Aunty Social

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