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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sectarian Violence- s/t 7" review

Sectarian Violence- self-titled 7” review
Fast, 80s-tinged hardcore with two guitars instead of one, they are not unlike singer Nick Tape’s other band Coke Bust; however, this band definitely breaks it down a lot more, and has more in the way of quotable lyrics.  This has a great degree of the “skate thrash” vibe a la What Happens Next, Common Enemy, Disco Assault, Dr. Know, etc., and that sound mixed with traditional youth crew is what Sectarian Violence has in store.  The two guitar approach undoubtedly sets the band apart, sounding better more often than not.  A circle pit would be an appropriate reaction to this band and record.  Pretty good stuff- not on my top five list of records of the year, but worth unearthing from one’s collection of records every so often.
-Aunty Social

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