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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Against the Grain 'Redline' EP review

ATG “Redline” EP
As music has progressed, bands have begun to lose some old-school rock influences. This is a double-edged sword, but the addition of these influences creates a new, fresh sound, especially when most punk rock takes different influences from more recent bands. Against the Grain, almost always referred to as ATG, is the perfect blend of this 70s rock style and modern punk rock. It is a truly refreshing sound upon one’s ears. The first official release by ATG is the “Redline” EP, available for free from both the band and the internet.
“The Legend of Johnny Rat (Ride Tonight)” sets the tone for the whole album. It is a song you can break a beer bottle and start a fight to, yet enough classic rock influence seeps in to keep the aging elitists at bay. This is the best song on the EP; however, this doesn’t mean the rest of it is bad, it merely means the best came first. “Suicide Steve” is an exceedingly fast song ideally heard on a DRI LP or a D.S.-13 CD. It’s incredibly energetic and highly enjoyable. “Empty Vein” is the catchiest song on the EP. The chorus just invades your brain and rapes it to the point of fist-pumping and screaming. “Same in the End” is a slightly (and I do mean slightly) slower track, yet its power is still pushed to the forefront with every power chord. “Redline”, the final track, speeds the tempo up for good and cranks the intensity all the way up to 11. This EP is worth whatever iTunes would charge for it. Luckily, it’s free, so pick up your complimentary copy today.
-Aunty Social

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