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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Family 's/t' CD review

The Family ‘s/t’ CD review
A few select bands have crafted their own genre and crew of sorts here in Detroit. It is a group of guys from tattoo parlors and gyms (mostly, I can’t speak for all of them) who come together to play music. They all play similarly styled music, but it is a little different in each of its own ways. Bloody Knuckle Combat, H8 Inc., Dogz of War, and The Family are among this group. They are all family men with decent-paying jobs and still find the time to get together and create some very heavy, very angry music. Case in point: The Family’s self-titled ten-track CD that was recently released.
The music on this CD is pretty decent. Most of the time, the beat doesn’t exceed the 4/4 beat, and coming from someone who enjoys pulse-pounding 80s hardcore, this can be a bit of a drag. Still, the sound is very consistent, very clean, and the tempo does pick up at certain points. It does what it promises: It is loud, full of rage, and conveys these feelings to the listener in a very concise fashion. AS for the 4/4 criticisms, that’s what some people like. I myself enjoyed listening to the CD and it is worth the $10, but in the end, I’m a geek for fast, loud, and unintelligible. This band is worth checking out, however. Buy the CD, strike up a conversation, and maybe even go to a show! These guys were nice enough to sell me a CD before they even played after I was ejected from their CD release party for being underage, so they’ve got class, and they’ve got a 23-minute, ten track CD. Go out and support!
-Aunty Social

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