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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Final Assault 'Under Boot' CD review

Final Assault ‘Under Boot’ review
Final Assault, with their ‘Under Boot’ album, has done what only one other band has been able to do: Make D-beat interesting. Also, to be fair, that other band is Discharge itself, making ‘Under Boot’ the turning point for Final Assault to be the flag-bearer of the D-beat movement. It is raw, gritty and fatalistic in every way. They have a prophecy that the top brass of the military essentially conspire to keep citizens afraid of a shapeless enemy, and to ‘protect’ us, they bring their death, destruction and chaos to foreign lands who want nothing of us. Well, that’s my hypothesis, at least. Whether it’s accurate or not, you’d have to ask the band, but I would assume so; this is the soundtrack to the apocalypse that will bring the world to its knees.
The most noticeable trait in this record would have to be Jason Outcast’s voice. His voice roars, a B-52 flying overhead as it carpet bombs its target. The Final Assault logo of a winged skull dropping is akin to Jason’s voice. The guitar is like a fucking chainsaw, ripping through the bass and drum beat (which, by the way, is also a supersonic beat) with furious vengeance. Being a military enthusiast, I fucking love the brutal anti-military, sort of revolutionary punk this record has to offer. It’s not easy to enjoy D-beat, but the addition of some thrash pushes Final Assault to the front of an international D-beat network (they just brought in a band from Finland) and another piece of Detroit punk is added to the figurative puzzle. Insanely fast, absolutely pummeling, and utterly hopeless, ‘Under Boot’ is a record you will be proud to have in your collection. Crank it up, unleash the terror that is Final Assault on the world, and free your mind from the control of the powers that be.
-Aunty Social

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