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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Burnouts Rxall Generation EP review

Rxall Generation EP, the Burnouts
I would best describe this EP as bipolar; there are elements of this that I love a lot, and there are some elements that piss me off in a bad way. Let me start off by saying the recording quality on this recording is astonishingly high for a punk band; whoever the engineer was for the EP should probably get their name out there a little more if they haven’t already. The drums, bass, guitar, and vocals are all crystal fucking clear. Not much else could have been done to make the quality of the recording itself higher.
All the songs fuse 80s hardcore punk with some straight-edge hardcore from the late 80s (think youth crew a little bit, at least in the breakdowns and drumming), and some decent singing. The music itself is pretty awesome; the guitars stop and go on a dime, the drumming follows with, and the bass is galloping right along with the music. If you enjoy hardcore punk, feel free to buy/download this EP. It is well worth the couple of bucks it costs, or the time it takes to download it.
The only area where I take some issue is with the vocals. Some of the screams in between the lyrics are reminiscent of a blend of screamo and death metal, and this is okay sometimes, but on a repeated basis begins to annoy the listener, especially in the short length of this recording. In lieu of screamo yelling, I would probably just not say anything. I’m not one to tell people how to play their music, but this is a pretty minor detriment to a pretty damn good band, and it could be solved in one quick fix if they wish. The lyrical content is pretty standard, but pretty standard for punk is above average for all music, so ultimately, I render this EP worth buying and listening to.
-Aunty Social

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