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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Plastic Boyz interview

Plastic Boyz interview
1. How were the Plastic Boyz molded?
Kelly: The way most plastic is molded. Injection Style.
Mike: Welp, I met Kelly in ‘95 and he had a crass shirt in kindergarten and I had a Flux of pink Indians shirt, so we immediately bonded; love at first sight. Just 2 punx growin’ up on the tough streets of EASTPOINTE. Anyway, me and Kelly played way back in the 2000's. Finally caught our break in mid '09
2. Who did the recording on your first demo and on your EP? How do you feel those came out?
Kelly: The demo was all of us (mike, Kelly, skrat, Kyle) on Mike’s 4-track and the EP was recorded by Bry-man from ATG and his bud Nick for free. I liked it at first, but I think we’re going to try a little better quality next time.
Mike: Nick had model cars in his basement, dude. Shit was alright.
3. Do you feel you’ve made a lot of progress as a band, especially for one less than a year old?
Kelly: Not as much as Kommie Kilpatrick.
Mike: or Lies Unknown to name-drop a few.
4. What has been the best show you’ve played as of yet? Why?
Kelly: The March 26th bloodbath at the painted lady. State was playing and I sliced an artery. PONK.
Mike: Halloween W/ Human Eye, Heroes + Villains
5. Is there something specific that influences each member of the band (i.e. is there one simultaneous influence for every member, like a band or experience)?
Kelly: We have many influences, so I won’t name them.
Mike: Neil Young, Massey Hall 1971 Rock N’ Roll at its prime.
6. What’s the craziest moment you’ve had as a band so far?
Kelly: The Basement 414, I was very drunk and everyone hated us. That was cool. And the March 26 Painted Lady incident.
Mike: Muskrat’s little brother’s 9th birthday party, going shot for shot with a nine year old is pretty fuckin’ crazy.
7. How do you feel some of the Detroit-area clubs have treated you?
Kelly: Shitty for the most part. Fuck New York New York and Fuck TNT’s, The Basement 414 are a bunch of pussies; we got “Banned” because I said “faggot” and I made a joke about kids with trust funds. They called me a nazi. Most of the other places we’ve played have been alright but my top 3 are The Painted Lady, Now That’s Class in Cleveland, and Ground Zero in Milwaukee.
Mike: Painted lady; they are awesome to the bands, brah.
8. What’s the best band out there, both locally and nationally?
Kelly: You mean favorite? Locally: Human Eye, State, Amoebas, and Dick Hickey. Nationally: Black Flag, The Smiths
Mike: Local: The Human Eye, The Stooges, Question Mark & the Mysterians
Nat’l: Of Montreal, MGMT, Fontana…
9. Where did you go on tour and how was that experience? Any recommendations for other bands that might tour?
Kelly: Cleveland Rocks, Milwaukee Rolls, and Ann Arbor sucks.
Mike: You were there man! Why don’t you fuckin’ tell me!
10. What kind of bands would you like to see come through Michigan? Would you host a show for them?
Kelly: Good ones. Yes.
Mike: Anyone we played with on tour. I’d put them fuckers up real quick.
11. Do you have any upcoming plans (i.e. new songs, new merch, another tour, etc.)?
Kelly: We got 4 new songs; canned hate, and rock-n-roll wigger and then throbbin Williams and obliterators hands but we haven’t played those two yet. No current tour plans but we may be releasing a cassette and we will have new shirts for sale for $4 and buttons soon. Patches are $1 and the 2012 calories EP is $2. We are sold out of the original demos.
Mike: We may record in Minneapolis in June too.
12. Anything else you’d like readers to know?
Kelly: We hate punk; we just do it for the money and coke, and hoes.
Mike: single and looking. Ladies?

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