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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Positive Strike 's/t' CD review

Positive Strike- s/t CD
I had never known Germany could pump out so many punk bands (Slapendehonden, Funeral March, The Spermbirds are among some of them). I came across one such band the other day by means of a Pennsylvania band’s distro box and they suggested I give this band a listen, since I had a Minor Threat back patch on my jacket, and they thought that they sounded a lot like them. I would disagree a bit, but there definitely is a resemblance.
Positive Strike is a pummeling power chord hardcore band, with the speed of Minor Threat with a different, much cleaner guitar. This record goes by very quickly; fifteen tracks in twenty-two minutes is more than enough to give the band the time to say (or scream, in this case) what they want to say. The singer sounds almost exactly like the dude from Municipal Waste with his scream-babbling like an Amtrak chugging along in the middle of the night. The guitar is mostly power chords, but it’s so fast that it doesn’t really matter; the guitar is not the force of most of the songs, the lyrics and vocals are. The rhythm section punches out some pretty fucking serious fury, and in the middle of all of this, is Positive Strike’s self-titled CD. If you see it, buy it; it’s worth a listen for anyone who likes Municipal Waste or some second 7” Minor Threat. Definitely worth at least a few bucks to buy.
-Aunty Social

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