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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cunt Saw/Total Hipster Crusher split tape review

Cunt Saw/Total Hipster Crusher split review
A strange obsession with drugs and almost totally incomprehensible vocals are paired with near blast-beat drums and equally fast guitar to make the Cunt Saw side of a split release. The name, cringing to some, is rather humorous much like the music. Grindcore, at least in my eyes, is ideally lo-fi and grimy, unlike a few bands who have tried to record with high quality equipment and make this genre something that it isn’t with a tired sound. At least Cunt Saw doesn’t try to hide the fact that it is indeed lo-fi, grimy and bordering on noise. It’s not a great release for what I listen to, but for the price and for those who like grindcore, it’s worth a look or the very minor investment.
The other side of the tape, with the band Total Hipster Crusher, is much like the first, but in a different way. The sound is, again, lo-fi, grimy and loud, but it speaks in a different language (figuratively), similar to what trailer trash from Hazel Park and what a hick from Mississippi look like paired next to each other. Different in many ways, but the same in basic appearance. This side was also not bad, but again, grindcore is not my ideal music.
Give the tape a listen if you enjoy grindcore, anarcho punk or lo-fi noise music; a $2 investment is good for a tape. If not, or if you don’t have something with a cassette player, you might want to pass.
-Aunty Social

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