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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Disposable Society- Drink N Fight review

There’s a thin yet distinct line between bar punk and party punk:  One is that annoying background noise that reeks of failed dreams and nonexistent ambition, and the smells of whiskey, weed, and wanderlust.  Bar bands don’t do jack shit except play the local bar, write a few songs, and maybe put some money towards an album.  Party punk is just plain old misanthropic punk, often mixed with intoxicating substances; one genre has potential, the other shits all over ambition and kills any existent potential.  All in all, party punk can go places, not just the local bar or some hometown show space.  Disposable Society, despite consisting of members who are heavily anchored down in Michigan, is one of these so-called “party punk” bands; it’s angry, bitter and discontent enough to be more than just another bar band barking the same tired shit.
The sound of this band is heavily influenced by Detroit punk from the 80s (the even do a Skraps cover; nice shout-out!) and some harder British punk like Blitz, Discharge (then again, everyone loves Discharge) and GBH.  It has gang vocals, sing-along choruses, and hometown shout-outs that resonate of some hometown pride akin to that of Detroit and Pittsburgh, where there’s pride in a place no one else sees a reason to have pride in.  The vocals are rather raspy and rough around the edges, perfect for this hoodrat style of punk rock.  Drums are mid-tempo; not fast and not deficient in speed.  The guitar and bass rock well enough for this unusually tight UK 82 influenced style of punk.  I didn’t bust a load listening to this, but I did hear some fucking gnarly hoodrat punk rock.  Worth the cash, definitely worth a listen.
-Aunty Social

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